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As Unirexhealthcare , we have been join Russian Healthcare Exibition on 5-9 December 2022 in Moscow City / Russia.Russian population is more than 143 millon and it means 3 times bigger than Turkey so this market is very important for the companies all around the World for all the sectors.Because of the embargo,Russian Market is facing lot’s of the problem such as transportation and high prices.Lot’s of the companies from the Europe don’t want to sell their produts to Russia so this exibition was very important for us while the Russian Market is facing this kind of situation.Russian people want to work with Turkish Companies Because of the good relationship between Russia and Turkey

We were in touch with lot’s of visitor in exibition area.Also all the visitors interested in our products.According to our information which we record to our notebook,we have 50 new connections from Russia and from other countries.From that 50 new connetions , 15 companies are very important for us and we can make new distributorship contract with these companies.


  • More than 15 companies want to be our Distributorship for Russia or other Regions
  • If we want to sell our produts to Russia,procedures are very hard for foreign companies.
  • Time line and prices are different According to products which we need to registration
  • Registration prices are starting from 150.000 p and it’s going on to 400.000 p
  • Best way to sell Russia Market,we should find a partner from Russia or the company which wants to get our distributoship should pay registration fee for us.
  • Market prices are very high so we can sell our products with very good profit.For Ex. At the last day of exibition,ı sold 1 box 30pcs Melaton Gummy from 350 p.
  • 350/65=5,38$ means more than %266 net profit.