Rexagain Shampoo contains Minoxidil active material which used in hair loss treatment for men and women. Minoxidil helps both regeneration of hair loss and also strengthen existing hair. Thanks to its rich content, Rexagain Shampoo gives positive results in regular use and shows a visible effect in a short time.

When Rexagain 2% Spray is applied topically with its 2% Minoxidil active ingredient, it has the feature of preventing hair loss and supporting hair growth. Minoxidil content in Rexagain 2% Spray shows therapeutic effcacy by activating weak hair follicles and prolonging the growth (anagen) phase of the hair cycle. Rather than supporting the formation of new hair follicles, the product may have an effect on normalization and hypertrophy in the diameter and depth of existing small follicles. When applied to slightly damp hair after shower, it stimulates the scalp and gives visible results in a short time. The percentage of minoxidil ingredient should be preferred according to the hair structure in the area to be used.